Brian Scanlan and Melissa Rubenstein were elected to the Township Committee today. We thank the voters and our supporters! Brian, Melissa, and Carla


Endorsements for Carla Pappalardo

We worked with Carla on a variety of projects associated with our school systems. From the moment she moved to Wyckoff 17 years ago,  Carla rolled up her sleeves and got involved. She brought an incredible level of energy and passion to every committee she chaired or served on. We look forward to seeing her bring her brand of enthusiasm and hard work to the Township Committee.”
SUSAN GEERING, former Wyckoff Educational Foundation Trustee and Eisenhower PTO President
TRACY CORNWELL, former Sicomac PTO President
MAE BOGDANSKY, former Sicomac PTO President and Wyckoff Educational Foundation Trustee
ELISE FALVEY, former President, Wyckoff Coordinating Council
RONNIE DOUMA, former Producer, FLOW Follies

I have watched with admiration and respect as Carla has taken on leadership roles across a wide range of community initiatives over the years.  Carla gives her time, her energy, her heart and her soul to our community. We need Township Committee members who will take those extra steps to create an environment where our children can grow up safely and where we can grow old gracefully.  I strongly believe that Carla will be this voice for all of us on the Township Committee.”
HARRIET SHUGARMAN, Immediate Past Chair, Wyckoff Environmental Commission and Green Team

Endorsements for Melissa Rubenstein

I met Melissa through our work on the Board of the Wyckoff Newcomers and Neighbors Club.  She cares deeply about the community and welcoming its newest members.  As Treasurer, Melissa has been conservative with our finances while ensuring that the Club meets the needs of its members.  She will make a great addition to the Township Committee.”
AMY POWERS, Secretary, Wyckoff Newcomers and Neighbors Club

Melissa is my neighbor and a valued member of our community.  Over the past few years I’ve had the privilege of seeing Melissa’s work as a devoted mother, businesswoman and volunteer in our town. I’ve loved hearing about her service to Rebuilding Together and at the Veteran’s Home.  She has a genuine interest in serving her community and will represent the citizens of Wyckoff with heart and skill.”
ELIZABETH JANET SCHULZ, Committee Chair, Wyckoff Garden Club

Endorsements for Brian Scanlan

Brian has served well on the Committee.  He established the Nifty Fifty Recycling program. He established an email communication system that is useful in keeping Wyckoff citizens informed since it is available to all residents.  He was active in supporting the work done by the Committee in obtaining grants that permitted Wyckoff to improve the open space program.”
DICK VAN HASSEL, former Mayor of Wyckoff

In 2008, Brian Scanlan first presented an alternative platform, combining strict fiscal conservatism and low municipal tax rates with protection of our town character and preservation of open space. Brian Scanlan is a proven Committeeman who has shown himself to be independent, fair, and extremely hardworking.”
MICHAEL BECKER, former President, Wyckoff Board of Education

Other endorsements for us individually and collectively include Siobhan Carolino, past president of the Wyckoff Board of Education, Athena Nicholas, Co-Founder, Reed Academy, Oakland, Dorothy Blakeslee, long-time advocate for the special needs community, Vince Tortorelli and Mary and Tom Bugle, Partners In Pride, and Steve Joern, former member of the Wyckoff Zoning and Planning Boards.